Submission conditions
By submitting your site to you are agreeing to the following submission conditions :
  1. Only sites related in some way to the Iberian Peninsula will be added. SearchIberia considers the Iberian Peninsula to consist of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. The Directory Manager will have the final decision as to whether your site relates to these countries or not.
  2. If only a part of your site relates to the above countries, please only submit the URL for that particular section.
  3. We accept non-English sites but the description MUST be in English. Non-English sites will be identified as such by a small country flag after their description. Non-English descriptions will be rejected automatically.
  4. Duplicate URLs are not allowed and will not be accepted to the directory.
  5. Please do not submit sites that contain identical content but have distinct URLs - they will not be accepted.
  6. We normally do not accept more than one URL from the same site. However, if you consider that your site contains sections so different they merit separate entries, submit the URLs - the Directory Manager will use his discretion to admit or not.
  7. Sites with illegal or indecent content will not be accepted to the directory.
  8. Unfinished or under construction sites will not be accepted to the directory.
  9. Do not stuff your title or site description with keywords. SearchIberia will use the normal website title and a suitable site description.
  10. Refrain from describing your site or products as "the best", "cheapest", "first", "most important" or other subjective terms.
  11. Please try to submit sites to the most relevant category. Sites intentionally submitted to inappropriate or unrelated categories will be removed. If you believe a new category should be created for your site, please submit first to the most closely related category and then send the site acceptance email together with your new category request to
  12. If you want to make changes to a listing, please use the Modify a site link.
  13. When submitting a site, you are given the choice to receive a monthly newsletter which informs you about how your site has performed (number of clicks, votes, etc.). At any time you may unsubscribe from this newletter by changing your information here.

La descripción de su página debe estar en inglés.         A descrição da sua página deve ser em Inglês

Achtung Ihre Seite MUSS mit Spanien oder Portugal in Verbindung stehen, ansonsten kann sie nicht akzeptiert werden

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