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Spainwide Business Newsletter, February 2003
By Thomas Leacy
Sep 3, 2003, 05:05

1. Transfering Unemployment Benefit

There are two types of unemployment benefit in Spain:
Contributory (Prestación por Desempleo)-must have made a minimum of 12 months’ social security contributions.
Non-contributory (Subsidio por Desempleo)- available in certain limited cases such as, for example, in the case of having exhausted the contributory unemployment benefit period (e.g. 4 months for 12 months of contributions), your annual earnings in whatever shape or form not being more than 75% of the minimum wage and, at the same time, having family responsibilities.

Both of these benefits may be transferred and received in any EU country with the following requirements and conditions:

You must already have been granted either one of these benefits.
You must be signed on as unemployed and actively looking for work in the Employment Office (INEM) and remain at least 4 weeks at their disposal.
Your moving to another EC country must be for the purposes of looking for work.
The maximum time period for receiving unemployment benefit in this way is 3 months. If you still have not found work after this time you may return to Spain and continue to receive any benefit due to you, or continue to look for work in the other country (in this case the UK), at the same time losing any right you had to continue receiving unemployment benefit.
Applications for the transferral of unemployment benefit to another EC country (Solicitud de Exportación de Prestaciones) should be made in your local Employment Office (INEM). You will also need to apply for an E.303 form (also in the INEM).

2. Charity Work in Spain

Donations of food and clothing can normally be made directly through parish churches. Apart from that, charities such as Caritas and the Red Cross, as well as the shelters and food houses (comedores) themselves will also accept donations.
If you want to become more active however in voluntary work, you might consider the organisation “Solidarios para el Desarrollo”. This NGO was set up in the Universidad Complutense in 1987 with the principal objective of providing active social work for the less fortunate. They still have strong connections with this and other universities around Spain although it is not necessary to be a student to do volunteer work with them. They provide ongoing training for all volunteers and each one is assigned to a specific service or sector on enrolling. Within Madrid, these sectors deal with the homeless, AIDS and cancer victims, the mentally ill, old-age pensioners, convicts, children, the physically and mentally handicapped, prostitutes, drug addicts, immigrants and refugees. Apart from this, they are involved in various international campaigns. The minimum requirements for volunteers are 1) to attend a one-hour instructional seminar twice a month (Seminarios para la Formación de Voluntarios). 2) Two hours of voluntary work a week.
For more information, contact:
Solidarios para el Desarrollo
C/Donoso Cortés 65 28015 Madrid.
Tel. 91 394 64 25 Fax: 91 394 64 34

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