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Property Management at La Manga Club
By John Hayes
Aug 6, 2004, 05:36

The beach at La Manga Club

The world famous La Manga Club, located in the region of Murcia, has long been considered one of the most prestigious pieces of real estate in Spain. The resort, which is located close to the city of Cartagena, is home to three of the best golf courses in Spain, as well as having a well equipped tennis centre, spa facility and numerous other amenities including bars and restaurants all on site.

As well as being one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Murcia region, it is also proving to be a popular choice for people looking to purchase a home in Spain. Many people choose to relocate permanently from the UK, Ireland or other parts of Northern Europe. However, many people have chosen to buy a property at La Manga Club for investment purposes, or more simply they like the idea of owning a holiday home that has so many facilities on hand.

The property market at La Manga Club remains buoyant, with new properties being built all the time. Additionally, there are a growing number of re-sales as current owners decide to change or upgrade their homes. There are several important factors to consider when buying a home at La Manga Club, especially if you intend to use your newly purchased villa or apartment purely as a holiday retreat.

If you only plan to use your La Manga Club property on an occasional basis, it is absolutely essential that you have a reliable and professional property management company on site to help you maintain your villa or apartment.

The role of a property management company is to act as a caretaker for your home in your absence, making sure it is well maintained and kept in perfect working order when you are not in residence, whilst also ensuring that it is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to meet your needs when you are due to arrive at your property.

Golf at La Manga Club

Before buying a property, you need to consider the additional annual costs you are likely to incur once the property sale has been completed. These include:

Annual Club Fees - Club Fees are payable to Inmogolf, the owners of La Manga Club, and they entitle you to special Owners rates to play sports at the complex. Club Fees are determined by the number of bedrooms on your Escritura (property deeds) and they also entitle guests who stay in your home to Residents rates for golf and tennis. These are much cheaper than the prices paid by the general public.

Community Fees - Each community at La Manga Club has its own fee structure, the payment of which is compulsory. Each community elects a President and a Committee to look after its affairs. All the communities then appoint administrators who take care of general matters relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the community. The exact inclusions differ between each community, but as a general rule of thumb, Community Fees will include provision of street lighting, rubbish collection, cleaning of community swimming pools, community insurance and maintenance of pathways and roads. A definitive list of what is included can be obtained from the Community Administrators. Community Fees are payable to the administrators.

Contribution Urbana - This is the Spanish equivalent of local rates, and is levied by the Town Hall in nearby Cartagena. This must be paid by the beginning of August every year, otherwise a surcharge is made.

Contents and Building Insurance - If you are planning to buy a property at La Manga Club, it is important to ensure that your home has sufficient contents and building insurance. A number of companies specialise in insuring homes at La Manga Club and can arrange for competitive quotes to be supplied. Please note, that your Community Fees may also include Building Insurance.

Club TV - Club Television is the provider of Satellite TV at La Manga Club. They charge an annual fee for access to the satellite network.

Water Charges - Water consumption at La Manga Club is metered, and charges are payable to Aguagest, the Spanish water company.

Electricity Charges - Electricity charges are levied by Ibedrola, and are based on how much electricity has been used in the property. Electricity bills are sent out every two months.

Without doubt, home ownership at La Manga Club is an exciting prospect with many benefits, but it is essential to ensure you have the right property management company on complex to look after your needs.

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