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Nov 7, 2003, 06:29

The Alhambra on a snowy winter's day

Granada (population: 300,000) is a very lively university town with over 85,000 students from all over Spain and a variety of other countries.

In Southern Spain, at the foot of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is known world-wide for the Alhambra, the Palace of Charles V, the Monastery of San Jeronimo, The Royal Chapel, the Cathedral or the Palace of Madraza (where one of the oldest Islamic universities on European soil once stood).

Here in Granada we enjoy a continental climate with a long warm season, lasting from May until the end of October. The daily life in the old part of town takes place in small shops and bars, open-air markets and squares shaded by trees.

The fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in Granada provides the city with a unique beauty. Granada also boasts several famous international festivals, including the Tango Festival (in March); Music, Dance & Flamenco Festival (in June); Theater Festival (October); and a Jazz Festival (in November).

Spain's world-renowned poet Federico García Lorca describes his hometown as a place with plenty of time to relax and people who are honest, sensitive and passionate.

Less than one hour's drive from Granada one can enjoy the natural beauty of the villages in the Alpujarras, the caves of Guadix, the beaches of the tropical Costa del Sol or Sierra Nevada, with its beautiful waterfalls and lakes, and excellent skiing from November to late April (Granada hosted world championship skiing in 1996).

For all these reasons, many foreign students choose Granada as the place to learn Spanish. Through the town of Granada, CEGRÍ provides the strong socio-cultural background that is necessary for full foreign language immersion.

There's a thousand reasons to come to Granada, a city where you are always welcome.

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