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Total Immersion: A total way to learn Spanish.
By StudyGlobal
Nov 3, 2003, 02:18

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Learning a language is not only about learning grammar, speaking and writing. Learning a language is also learning about the culture, traditions, people, history, food and music. The best way to learn a language, in this case Spanish, is experiencing the language where it is spoken.

Imagine yourself studying Spanish in Spain, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country. Imagine living with the local people, experiencing their culture and their way of life. Total immersion in Hispanic culture is the fastest and best way to understand and speak a language.

StudyGlobal is a company founded by three young entrepreneurs that experienced themselves this way of learning a second language. Believing in this learning method, we started this company giving the chance to non Spanish speakers to study Spanish in Argentina through total immersion programmes. Today we help people interested in immersion learning experiences to access programmes easily in eight different Spanish speaking countries.

Within Spain, we offer Spanish language immersion programs in exciting and cosmopolitan cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. For those looking for the sun, the beach and sports in a small city or village, we offer courses in Alicante, Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz), or Almuņecar. Finally, for history and tradition lovers, we propose the famous cities of Granada and Seville as the perfect destinations to be immersed in a culture that holds remains from Roman, Jewish and Islamic civilizations.

Our programs include Spanish lessons in small groups, activities during afternoon and evening, and several accommodation options, such as host-families, shared apartments or hostels.

Our job is to assist you in choosing the right programme with the right school, arranging your accommodation, activities, excursions, etc, always according to your needs or the needs of your group. Our aim is that your Spanish language learning experience may well become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

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